Xmasdeco artifical christmas tree review

In 2012 I was so fed up with my real christmas tree that I decided to buy an artifical christmas tree. I really hated the needles that came from the real tree. Three months later I still found needles every now and then. Crazy! So no real deal for me in 2013. Time to whip out the fake stuff. To be honest, I found all artifical christmas trees in regular stores priced a bit steep. I wasn’t planning on dropping 500 pounds on a tiny 4 foot tree. No way!

So my quest began for a cheaper alternative. A friend pointed out that I should check online. I’m not very fond of shopping for christmas decorations online because I like to SEE what I’m buying.

After seeing the Xmasdeco prices I was sold. This is just.. cheap! And they have so much to choose from! After some browsing and comparing I decided to go with the 180 cm Luxury tree. I like tall trees. I picked a non-decorated tree because I still have christmas decorations. However, there are already 300 LED lights woven into the branches of the tree. Awesome, I hate untangling strings of christmas lights.

After ordering I received a confirmation, and within one week I received my tree.¬†Setting up the christmas tree was a breeze due to the foot included in the package. The tree itself looks very convincing. It’s well made and of high quality. Completely decorated it’s hard to distinguish the artifical tree from real. (okay, from a distance that is)

All in all I’m very satisfied with my Xmas deco artifical christmas tree. Thanks a lot! I definitely recommend Xmasdeco.com and their trees.

Christmas decorations for low prices? Make sure you get them BEFORE the season

Christmas decorations can be ridiculously expensive, especially when you buy them in-season right before christmas. Prepare to spend more then a few quid on garlands, baubles and what not. If you are looking for a way to cut corners, make sure to stock up on christmas decorations NOW. That’s right, get your decorations months before the actual season. It might seem weird, but you will save tens, maybe even hundreds of pounds by buying the essential now.

The biggest savings can be made by purchasing artificial christmas trees right after the christmas period (january/feburary, BIG discounts!) It can save you a few hundred quid.

You can even go as far as purchasing a completely decorated tree. Garlands and baubles included. Crazy? Maybe, but so are in-season prices for various christmas items.

I’ve found a pretty neat store which sells some of the most affordable christmas decorations available; Xmasdeco.com. Check out their website and their large assortment of products. You will not be disappointed.